Training through research

AquaCam project is very attentive to allow young scientists and students from Cambodia and France to participate and take responsibility for scientific actions planned in AquaCAM. Because we are happy to give them the floor here you can found their profile, motivation, and wishes.

Mr. KHY Panha (ITC)

Mr. CHEA Sopheaktra (ITC)

Ms. Channmuny THANH (ITC)

Ms. MONIROTH Sopheavattey (ITC)

Ms. KHUT Sornpisey (ITC)

Ms. PA Sreypich (ITC)

Mr. HENG Vathanak (ITC)

Mr. HOR Menghouy (ITC)

Mr. Oudam HENG (ITC)

Ms. LY Vannmei (ITC)

Mr. Hou Virakbot (FIA)

Mr. Khan Chan (FIA)


Mr. Antoine Evrard (IRD)

Mr.Soth Sobot (RUA)

Ms. Keo Samnang (RUA)

Ms. Yoeurn Sreyni (RUA)

Ms.Out Chhorvira (RUA)

Ms. Lin Kong (RUA)

Mr. Va Vaian (RUA)

Ms. Inès Sarter (IRD)