New activities for the AquaCAM Project have started in the RUA experimental farm

After some complications related to changes in the local water regime, the experimental ponds have finally started their activity. A large-scale experiment was started to try to answer the question of how best to achieve the rice-fish combination under flooded conditions. Trials were started to test combinations of more or less flood-resistant rice varieties with local fish species, fed with various feeding strategies.  A simple floating cage model will also be tested in this experiment, which will end in November 2022.

With this experimentation we hope to bring clarifications how manage this type of farming rice-fish association. Indeed, fish farmers have already spontaneously started this type of farming in the pilot areas of the DeFIP AquaCAM project in Siem Reap, managed by APDRA, a project partner. It is likely that a good feeding strategy will be the key to the success of this experiment.