Workshop: Assessment of Aquaculture Sustainability in Cambodia

Royal University of Agriculture
Amphitheater Hall, on 22nd June 2022

One of the major challenges of Cambodian aquaculture is its sustainable development including constraints related to the health of aquatic farms. The AquaCAM project would contribute to the strengthening of public policies for the development of sustainable aquaculture in the country by proposing methods and operational assessment grids for the Cambodian aquaculture sector. The goal of this workshop is to present the approaches and results of these studies, share these grids and explain how they work.

Grid for the assessment of aquaculture sustainability. What is sustainable development? Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present generation without depriving future generations of the possibility of meeting their own needs”. Four dimensions or pillars are considered for sustainable development respectively: economic efficiency, governance, social equity and respect for the environment.  Through, a participatory and expert multidisciplinary approach, the group of researchers of the AQUACAM project, carried out several surveys, meetings and validation of experts, elaborate a sustainability grid for aquaculture in Cambodia.

Health inspection grid for aquaculture. Pathology and mortality in aquaculture are considered a major concern for the sustainability of the sector and the emergence of new diseases, as well as the increase in enzootic diseases, has had a huge impact in Southeast Asia. However, monitoring and surveillance in aquaculture production can be very complex to achieve, furthermore, the outbreak in aquatic farming can be linked to a large variety of risk factors which can play a crucial role in disease prevention and can be very difficult to forecast. AquaCAM project proposes an inspection grid to classify fish farms according to the risk of disease occurrence or mortality.

AquaCAM Project is supported by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) via the Solidarity Fund for Innovative Projects (FSPI). It is coordinated by IRD in partnership with FIA, RUA, ITC, Cirad UM and Apdra.