News from AquaCAM

After the confinements and difficulties due to the Covid Pandemia, the research activities of FSPI-AquaCAM project resumed. Few days of interval each other’s, Kabir Kazi  (Cirad), Jacques Slembrouck, and Antoine Evrard  (IRD) have ended their quarantine. As soon, together with the Cambodian partners, they have started their respective activities in the AquaCAM project.

M. Slembrouck has starts his activities to study aquaculture sustainability in Cambodia and he  working to complete the survey on principles and criteria and to determine the best indicators of the sustainability of aquaculture. M Kabir has joined APDRA at Siem Reap for the first partial harvest of climbing perch in a pilot study on rice-fish culture. At the same time, works in Takeo progress rapidly,  for implementation of new pilots of improved rice-fish culture.

At RUA, with his partners, M Evrard began preparatory activities for the  study on food-borne trematodes . 

Again at RUA the new dean of the Faculty of Fishery and Aquaculture Prof Samphal Seng impulse digging of new ponds. These new facilities, sustained by AquaCAM project are designated for fine-tuning studies on rice-fish aquaculture.

Congratulation to all!