A meeting of the scientific committee

On 25 March, a meeting of the scientific committee of the AquaCAM project took place. In this time of Covid 19, this internet meeting was an opportunity to take stock after three months of the previous board.  Although affected by health restrictions, activities continued in Cambodia and France. The preliminary results of the sustainability surveys, which have so far been carried out on 176 stakeholders, show that the perception of the sustainability of aquaculture is very similar among the stakeholders. The latter seems to be very concerned in all 4 dimensions of sustainability. 

The rice-fish farming models that will be tested in the framework of the project were briefly discussed and will be adapted to the various agro-ecological conditions in Cambodia. These pilots will be carried out in co-construction with volunteer rice farmers. Experimental structures for these models will be implemented at the RUA’s experimental farm to refine the research and raise students’ awareness of this type of agroecological production.

For fish health, an expert survey has been started to classify the risk factors for disease in fish farming. For this survey, almost 1000 international experts in aquaculture and fish pathology have been solicited. Data collected will provide a broad view on risk factors that could be used for Risk-Based Surveillance (RBS) for Cambodian aquaculture

Research on antibiotic resistance in aquaculture will start as soon as the measures against Covid 19 allow it in the field. For the time being, this research will only be initiated on E. coli. In France, trials have been carried out to develop molecular detection techniques for parasitic zoonosis carried by fish. These techniques will be deployed as soon as possible in Cambodia.